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Finance transformation done properly

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We occupy a niche in the consultancy market - finance transformation done properly. We donít pretend to compete with the large vendors, consulting houses and systems integrators that specialise in ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) technical and process implementations but we do provide a value add, complementary service; often in partnership with these organisations.

Are you underwhelmed with the effectiveness of your finance and other back office support people or consider that business performance could be much better? Then read on.

Finance transformation done properly
Transformation is not just about implementing a new system. Real transformation is an important enabler which changes the way an organisation and its people operate and behave. We do it properly, for you and with you.

Clients spend millions on systems that promise so much but frequently fail to deliver all the benefits against which the business case was signed - rarely the fault of the system provider. This can be very embarrassing and damage shareholder value severely and no board of directors will want to do that, and in the public sector too, huge expectations are being set by trustees, councillors and governors.

ERP systems have huge capability which can be intimidating so a completely new approach is needed to exploit that power. They need to be used intelligently by knowledgeable and enthusiastic people who really understand the business, know the customers, deploy effective processes and exploit the right measures to manage the business. That sounds reasonable doesn't it? Well, the theory might be simple but the practice isnít! 

We have the expertise to achieve this for you. If you think you can do all this yourself, our experience shows that your people will be distracted by business as usual. We have done it many times and you will benefit from that - your people probably don't do it very often and are unlikely to be seen by their colleagues as having objectivity and knowledge of current best practice. 

Our focus is not technical, although we probably know a great deal more about technology than we let on; the value we add is in helping to deliver return on investment. Our costs are very likely to be recovered quickly. Not cheap but reasonable and do bear in mind the old phrase "if you think an expert is expensive, just try an amateur!".

We have years of experience in many business sectors, organisations and countries. Our people are personable and highly professional experts achieving high standards for our clients. Have a look at the Our Services and Our People pages for more information.

Itís our pleasure to meet with new clients and explore the benefits we can bring you in delivering real transformational change and a much better return on investment. Please get in touch.
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May 22, 2019
S-M Consulting takes your finance people along the journey up the value chain from being reporters of history and considered by many as "bean counters", to highly valued and indispensable business partners helping to build the future. Ask to speak to our MD, James McColl, about this service because it adds very significant benefit. He will be delighted to share his ideas and expertise with you.
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